Spearheaded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Builders Challenge is a voluntary effort to provide compelling answers. Through the Builders Challenge, participating homebuilders will have an easy way to differentiate their best energy-performing homes from other products in the marketplace, and to make the benefits clear to buyers.

About the Builders Challenge

You know you build outstanding homes, but do the homebuyers in your market know it? When it comes to energy performance, the Builders Challenge is your path to a distinct competitive advantage.  At last, you have a clear way to highlight your top performers in energy efficiency, a feature that surveys show is increasingly pivotal in home buying decisions.

Skyrocketing energy costs and increasing consumer demand for energy performance are driving the development of new energy efficiency and green building programs across the nation. The Builders Challenge helps builders meet and communicate high levels of energy performance that will meet or exceed any existing performance home program.

When you agree to join the Builders Challenge, you commit to constructing homes that rate 70 or lower on the EnergySmart Home Scale (E-Scale) and meet the Builders Challenge Quality Criteria. You can choose among three different pathways for meeting the Builders Challenge. These processes are based on existing consensus standards and procedures that include verification and quality control.

As a participant in the Builders Challenge, you can take advantage of the use of the EnergySmart Home Scale (E-Scale), as well as marketing and technical resources provided through the initiative. In addition, a design competition will make high-performance home plans more readily available, and annual awards will recognize and reward participation.

For more information on the Builders Challenge contact us at info@ecovativeenergy.com.