This is a comprehensive energy analysis of your home as a system.  Computer energy modeling is used to clearly define the most cost effective way to reach your goals.  The elements employed here are the same as those used to certify ENERGYSTAR homes.         

Data is gathered about your home through a thorough inspection and testing process.  This data is then used to create a computer model of your home with which we pinpoint energy efficiency problems and test ECMs (energy conservation measures).  The results of this testing define the actual energy to be saved for each ECM as well as the dollars to be saved on your utility bills.  Using these results we define the proper ECM’s for you and list them in order of cost effectiveness.  Included with each recommended ECM are the estimated annual savings and the associated reduction in emissions.  You will receive the Ecovative Energy Check, Ecovative Envelope Test, Ecovative Duct Test, Ecovative Solution Pack and the Ecovative Excellence Pack.