Once low hanging efficiency items are addressed, it’s time to engage in alternative energy to further offset utility demand.  The upfront cost of a solar project can be intimidating but with the right financing and incentive package the “out of pocket” can be greatly reduced.  Incentives are offered by federal, state and local governments and utility companies.  Additionally, selling your Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)  can provide you with a revenue stream for years to come (yes, this means you get checks in the mail).  All of this is in addition to using the solar energy in your home to reduce or eliminate your utility bills.  Wind power is not discussed here because there are few appropriate applications for wind in this area and because wind turbines are maintenance dependent. 

Pool Heating

  1. Quickest payback when compared to other heaters

  2. Does not qualify for tax credits

Hot water

  1. Qualifies for tax credits, Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS) and other incentives

  2. Closed loop systems provide VERY hot water all year long

  3. Your existing hot water tank serves as backup and additional capacity


  1. Comfort control is not ideal in this climate zone (due to quick temperature swings)

  2. Payback is very long because of our mild winters

Electricity Production

  1. Qualifies for tax credits and other incentives

  2. Grid tied systems qualify for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)

  3. Can be used to offset utility demand or replace it altogether

  4. Cost effective only when coupled with incentives

  5. Reliable, durable, long lifespan and low maintenance

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Light tubes and skylights

  1. Residential applications may qualify for tax credits and other incentives

  2. Reliable, durable, long lifespan and low maintenance

  3. Provides daylighting for rooms directly below roof areas

Fiber optics

  1. Commercial applications may qualify for tax credits and other incentives

  2. Provides daylighting for rooms within 50 feet of roof areas

  3. Focused sunlight is delivered via fiber optic cable