The building as a system approach requires attention to detail when dealing with moisture.  Do you have a wet crawl space?  Mold?  A settling foundation?  What is the true cause of these issues?  Moisture is the problem sure, but what type of moisture?  Bulk water, capillary action, humidity and diffusion are all ways in which moisture migrates. 

The type of moisture that is having adverse effects on your building is often overlooked by companies that make their living fixing rotten wood.  Go figure.  The same is true for companies which sell “ventilation systems” i.e. humidistat controlled fans.

If someone tried to sell you a bucket and a fan as a solution to a roof leak you would call them crazy.  Yet this is exactly what many people purchase as a “solution” to their crawl space problems.

Rather than dealing with the moisture after it has entered the building, we prefer to stop it from entering altogether. 

  1. Gutters, downspouts flashing and leaf clog prevention

  2. Subterranean water collection and disbursement

  3. Grading, sloping, drains

  1. Gravel beds, footing and foundation drainage systems

  2. Sealed and reinforced barriers

  3. Water blocking coatings

  1. Encapsulated crawl spaces, conditioned crawl spaces

  2. Ventilation and dehumidification

  3. HVAC pressure balancing and envelope tightening

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