"I was very happy with the services they provided.  They came in and did the energy efficient home analysis and they gave me some good ideas on ways I can improve my energy usage and hopefully save some money.  I would certainly recommend the... home analysis from Ecovative Energy."

--Andrew Wallach, Homeowner

"Everything about the process -- from the website, the measurements, the explanation and the corrective measures -- went significantly above anything I had any right to expect.  I would recommend Ecovative to anyone without any reservations."

--Dr. Andrew Hutton, Homeowner

"I have a 120-unit apartment complex...  Ecovative Energy has been great to work with. They are very knowledgeable about the loss of energy. Jeff has really walked hand-in-hand with me.  He's walked through the building with me, and showed me where I was losing energy, and where I could save money by doing this or that. The inspectors from the city... were really impressed with how much work they actually put into testing the units...  They are very professional...  They take their time, and they did a real quality job for me.  I'm very happy...  They have been very very helpful, always on time, and courteous."

--Alan Hall, Marlyn Development

"I used Ecovative Energy to get a HERS report.  Jeff came out, was very professional, and got the job done!"

--Micah Bumps, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

"The test was very informative, and the person was very professional."

--Brian Grace, Mid Atlantic Custom Builders

"Ecovative Energy did a great job.  We've done multiple energy efficient improvement mortgages with them.  They were very quick, professional, courteous, very thorough, and made us understand the whole process.  We are really excited and happy with the service we were provided.

--Rusty Maness, National City Mortgage

"...I was very satisfied.  I quickly learned about what upgrades would make a difference and which would not...  For those that have doubts about doing this, I am full sold on the work that Ecovative Energy does...  Getting the energy audit was well worth the money, and it pointed me in the right direction.  I was a skeptic at first, but in the end I would do it again.  The report and numbers were backed up by my electric bill.

--Kevin Tallon, Homeowner 

"Thank you for your time and attention to the HVAC issue and dryer duct - as well as all the other aspects you’ve assisted with."

--Juanita Joe Matkins, Homeowner

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the comprehensive energy audit you performed on my home. 

I decided to use your company for my energy audit because of the services you offered after visiting my home, specifically the list of modifications I can make to my home to increase its efficiency.  As my home was built in 1929 I knew I had many opportunities to seal the home’s envelope but had no idea where to begin.

  The report presented after the audit is easy to understand and clearly states which modifications are most cost effective, as well as the best order to complete the projects.  I was also thrilled to learn what energy rebates were available for some of the changes and learned about new technologies appropriate for my home.  Needless to say, I am VERY excited to implement the suggestions made in the report and plan to begin “reconstruction” in the near future.

  Your company continued to impress me even after receiving the audit report.  About a week later I received an envelope containing the necessary documentation to redeem my state rebate for the audit, including a stamped and addressed envelope to send my documentation.  I rate my experience with your company highly and am very happy I chose Ecovative Energy to complete my energy audit.”

--Amy Pitts, Homeowner

A few of our recent projects....

"I used the company's services when I found myself in a very urgent situation.  They stepped right up to the plate, educated me on the process, and helped me close a deal.  I'm a Realtor -- if it hadn't been for them, the deal might have even fallen apart...  They really rose to the occasion.  I appreciate it tremendously, and would not hesitate to use them again."

--Molly Randall, Keller Williams Realty

“Outstanding responsiveness, flexibility, and professionalism. I asked many questions before, during and after the audit and while sealing and insulation work was being done. Jeffrey Sadler answered all of my questions thoroughly and made me feel much more knowledgeable about the benefits and costs of his proposed plan. They listened to my concerns, and ensured my needs were met. The work was done in a timely and skilled manner, as promised and on schedule. Their work was clearly documented, and they provided me with a clear set of instructions and paperwork to claim the Virginia Energy Efficiency Rebate. They were a full service partner in the project from start to finish. I would recommend them to my friends and family, and would use their services again.

  I hope business goes well for you: we were very pleased with the quality of your advice and the results of the work you did on our behalf. We are very pleased with the service you provided, and are already seeing dramatically reduced utility bills -- up to 50% so far this year over last year.”

--Michael Wessel, Homeowner 

What people are saying about Ecovative....