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Before construction begins we provide planning and analysis so that you know exactly what challenges and benefits you can expect from building energy smart.  Once goals have been defined we remain your partner throughout construction; serving as your resource and 3rd party verifier for certifications and incentives. 

Builder’s shouldn’t have to become “green” experts in order to clearly communicate the additional value of energy efficiency.  We offer several cutting edge marketing strategies that will ensure your buyers “get it”.

Want to reduce your energy consumption by 30% or even 100%?  We will help you define your goals and provide the path and guidance necessary to achieve them.  Using our state of the art diagnostic tools and techniques we identify your energy problems and provide you with cost effective solutions.  With our simple 3 step process you can stop worrying and start enjoying being part of the solution.

Superior building efficiencies start with critical assessments. Collecting large amounts of data is something anyone can do; However, drawing energy smart conclusions from this data is something that only an energy reduction specialist can do. We use innovative performance evaluation methods to turn data into useful information that we use to solve operational and performance problems. The results can be used to baseline existing performance, identify operational problems, estimate potential energy savings, and document overall building performance.  This information is critical for building owners, operators and property managers.