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Who we work with is a reflection of who we are.  Like our clients we strive to balance quality and practicality to achieve successful projects that can be replicated and scaled across the mid Atlantic region and beyond.  


Our understanding of building code and high performance programs allows us to bring valuable insight early in the process which can equate to significant time and money savings during construction.   Additionally, our diagnostic experience brings awareness to risk items and this reduces call backs and warranty work related to building performance and occupant experience.  





Marlyn Development

“Ecovative Energy Inc is an expert in the field of Building Science and energy efficiency. They play an integral role as a team partner in every multifamily project we build, lending expertise from initial planning, design review, job site testing and problem solving. We look forward to many more successful projects with their guidance.”

-Chris Gardner, Marlyn Development

National City Mortgage

“Ecovative Energy did a great job. We’ve done multiple energy efficient improvement mortgages with them. They were very quick, professional, courteous, very thorough, and made us understand the whole process. We are really excited and happy with the service we were provided. Thank you very much.”

-Rusty Maness, National City Mortgage

Marlyn Development

They were professional enough to take the time and show us in detail what to do to tighten up the units. They have been very very helpful, always on time, and courteous. Thank you.”

– Alan Hall, Marlyn Development

Eagle Construction

“Ecovative Energy has been of great service, and very knowledgeable. They helped me with the Earthcraft Certification process. They are a great company, and I would recommend anybody to use them.”

-Joey Wood, Eagle Construction

Mid Atlantic Custom Builders

“My name is Brian Grace. We had a blower-door test this morning. The test was very informative, and the person was very professional. I thank you for your services.”

-Brian Grace, Mid Atlantic Custom Builders

DMS Mechanical

“I am a mechanical contractor and have worked with the Ecovative Energy team for over 10 years on several different types of projects. Such as, Multi-Family Earthcraft and New Construction Duct Blast Code testing. My favorite partnership with them is with homeowners because of the solutions they are able to provide those who have sick or uncomfortable homes.”

-Dan Santis, DMS Mechanical

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