Specialty Services

Building & System Diagnostics

We use specialized equipment and training to perform diagnostics on entire buildings & the systems that are integral to their overall performance.

With more than a decade of hands-on building science experience, our team uses the building as a system approach to analyze symptoms, benchmark conditions and connect data points to solve building problems. Our comprehensive reports answer…. WHY is this happening to the building and… HOW this can be corrected. Our 3rd party position means our focus is always on solving the problem and assisting the team through solution implementation.



We provide certified thermography services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and systems. 

State-of-the-art thermography equipment is put to work by a certified thermographer to convert invisible energy, air and moisture conditions into visual and data rich elements that are useful in identifying, optimizing or resolving health, safety, durability and energy related details. This expertise enables a review of conditions in places physically inaccessible without the need for demolition.

Airflow & Building Pressures

These invisible forces which are often overlooked/misunderstood have a tremendous impact on occupant comfort & safety, building energy & moisture and system resiliency. 

Building pressure imbalances can have a negative impact on customer experience, employee productivity and occupant retention.  The correct application of mechanical airflow improves comfort, energy expense and moisture conditions.

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