Building & System Diagnostics



We deploy a science based, tactical approach to diagnosing the root causes of excess moisture and resulting mold while maintaining a professional (non-alarmist) demeanor on-site and in our written reports.

Mold is the result of excessive moisture and the variables that impact this condition are many.  “Testing” for mold accomplishes very little so we focus instead on the factors that have aligned to facilitate the mold growth.  From occupant behavior to building design and system performance we identify the contributors and delineate the solutions.  Because we are 3rd party our feedback is not influenced by a sales agenda and is solely focused on solving the problem.


The same factors that impact energy use and moisture content influence how the occupant “feels” while in the built environment.

Its amazing how many people live with discomfort at home and/or at work when they are within these environments which are specifically designed to provide occupant comfort.  There are identifiable reasons for this disconnect and there are solutions to this problem.


The science of occupant health is under-represented in the metrics of the built environment.  

Value engineering and other “efficiencies” in the planning, construction and management of buildings can result in buildings that often miss the mark for ideal air quality and occupant health.  We review the symptoms, test the systems and  provide guidance on optimization of the components and practices integral to achieving peak indoor air quality.  

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