Development, Design & Construction

Development Team Support


Developer incentives are maximized and we track and verify details to guide the trajectory and outcome of each project through completion.

We bring continuity to complicated and variegated building performance goals through our management and communication process.  Professional equipment is used to provide building system performance feedback and building science knowledge is deployed to increase the durability, longevity and value of the project.  Through certification stacking and value engineering developers increase their competitive edge while balancing building performance and cost.

DeSIGN Team Support

We assist architects, engineers, and other professionals as they design to achieve optimal building systems and associated building certifications.

Our building science experts review design details and collaborate with the design team to ensure plans and specifications include the necessary and exclude the unnecessary.  Our wide bandwidth of project involvement (across design, construction & maintenance/management phases) along with our long history of diagnostic experience adds additional practical perspective that helps the design team optimize the design to minimize construction & occupancy phase surprises.

Construction Team Support

We provide timely, professional input on compliance, performance and quality details.

Value mindfulness and scope clarity are essential elements of focus during pre-construction.  Clear and responsive communication during construction maintains project flow without sacrificing quality.  Flexible and accommodating verification, testing and optimization are delivered in-sync with the pace of building turnover and construction deadlines.

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