Development team support

Tax Credits, Incentives & Certifications 

Insightful, value engineered program compliance and certification integration during design and construction phases optimize incentives to the developer.

Low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program strategies and incentive stacking are reviewed early in design and integrated into plan details and contractor scope to expedite the transition to construction and reduce post pricing design modifications and change orders. This added continuity between the plans and the programs results in a confident project team and streamlined construction phase certification.

Third-Party Testing, Verification, & Diagnostics

Our trained and credentialed team uses professional building science equipment to provide building system performance feedback.

Pre-project baseline/benchmark testing is used to inform design decisions in advance of renovation projects.  Early-construction testing is helpful in refining and confirming envelope and mechanical details and performance.  Post-construction testing and diagnostics provides data points and insight that are useful in solving building performance problems and improving plan details for future buildings.

Sustained Asset Resiliency and Performance

We apply attention to detail during design & construction to increase building durability and serve as a technical resource for maintenance and management to perpetuate superior building performance.

We go beyond certification metrics and identify resiliency items that can impact building durability and occupant experience.  Insight gained during systems testing and commissioning is incorporated into the training and on-going support we provide to maintenance and management teams.

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