Building Performance Integration

Get that detail just right.  Reduce ambiguity and the resulting RFIs.  Achieve optimal building performance in balance with developer value expectations.

We work to identify opportunities, vulnerabilities and compliance within the design details and provide feedback to help you perfect these in advance of construction pricing. This proactivity in the design phase helps reduce reactivity during the construction phase.


We bring process continuity, program technical support and quality assurance to the ever changing landscape of tax credit work.

The custom support we provide for each project includes communication on all of the certification items for review.  We bring continuity to the process regardless of the number of building program layers, versions of the programs and variations from state to state.  This helps our clients meet high-performance building standards like Energy Star, EarthCraft, NGBS, ZeroEnergyReady, 45L, CPACE and more.


Our expertly trained team uses professional building science equipment to provide building system performance feedback.

Pre-project baseline/benchmark testing is used to inform design decisions in advance of renovation projects.  Mid-construction testing is helpful in refining and confirming  envelope and mechanical details and performance.  Post-construction testing and diagnostics provides data points and insight that are useful in solving building performance problems and amending plan details for future buildings.

Questions Answered Quickly

As a member of your team, we’re here to support you through design and into construction.

Design professionals are under a lot of pressure during the development cycle. Getting answers to technical questions in a timely manner is very important. We serve as the building science resource for our clients and work to provide the answers they need in a timeline that matches the pace of their workflow.

Field Observations & Reporting

We provide customized on-site progress and QA inspections during the building process.

Our team can visit the job site to ensure that construction is going according to plan. We document project progress and key details with photos and videos and provide professional third party reports to provide real time awareness and archives that can be used during later project team reviews.

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