Airflow & Building Pressures

Restaurant Systems

Protect kitchen equipment and provide a better customer experience with restaurant mechanical system optimization. 

The extreme temperatures and powerful ventilation equipment in a commercial kitchen can contribute to building pressure imbalances and affect the experience of customers and staff.  These conditions can result in moisture problems that affect equipment and even damage the structure. 

Specialty Health and Safety Systems 

Indoor shooting range lead safety, industrial paint booths, confined space ventilation, positive and negative pressure rooms, pollutant dilution. 

Our optimization/verification of shooting ranges and other specialty building uses ensure the effectiveness of the systems and the safety of the building users.  Compliance criteria, industry standards and specialty equipment are utilized in the measurement, adjustment and verification of these specialty systems. 

Building Pressure Testing & Envelope/System Commissioning

Envelope and mechanical system pressure testing and commissioning quantify and verify building and system operation relative to the design and intent.

Blower door testing services quantify the effectiveness of the air control layer and guide in the identification of remaining envelope weaknesses.  Additional testing of airflows and internal pressure differentials informs the team of building operating conditions that may warrant additional attention and modification.  Commissioning services provided throughout construction ensure installed elements are aligned with design and increase the likelihood that final building operation meets or exceeds team expectations.

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