moisture  troubleshooting

We deploy a science based, tactical approach to diagnosing the root causes of excess moisture and resulting mold while maintaining a professional (non-alarmist) demeanor on-site and in our written reports.   

Mold is the result of excessive moisture and the variables that impact this condition are many.  “Testing” for mold accomplishes very little so we focus instead on the factors that have aligned to facilitate the mold growth.  From occupant behavior to building design and system performance we identify the contributors and delineate the solutions.  Because we are 3rd party our feedback is not influenced by a sales agenda and is solely focused on solving the problem.   


We provide comprehensive analysis of existing building energy use using utility data and energy modeling.    

We work with property managers across the country to ensure they are empowered with the lease language and specifics required to achieve complete, accurate and acceptable utility data sets.  Through our review process and our 3rd party credentials HUD and LIHTC compliant data sets are completed and packaged for submittal. Through this process property owners are able to maximize the benefits of the energy smart investments they have made in their buildings. 

energy audits

Don’t understand why your energy bills are so high? Our energy diagnostics can identify low hanging fruit items and provide guidance on the cost effectiveness of major upgrades. 

We offer comprehensive energy audits to help you identify where you are losing money and what upgrades would be best suited to your needs. We can also support you as you plan and implement these upgrades to ensure things are installed properly and operate correctly. 

hers ratings

Knowing a home’s HERS rating is like knowing a vehicle’s MPG rating. 

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is a nationally recognized energy efficiency rating standard. Our team can help you understand your building’s HERS rating.  Additionally, HERS ratings can inform you of the impacts of upgrades as well as qualify you for government incentives.  

sustainability for soldiers

Many of our heroes return from service with a new perspective, and appreciation for, sustainability, resiliency and self sufficiency.  We are proud to serve as a resource for current and former military members as they work at home to achieve their goals.   

We offer sustainability consulting, quality control/verification and system performance testing for service members who want to minimize waste and maximize resiliency at their home-base. 

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