Water Intrusion & Moisture Detection


Thermal imaging is effective in identifying water leakage points and delineating building materials with excessive moisture content.  

 Because the thermal properties of materials change relative to moisture content, thermography is a fast and cost-effective way to identify leaks and other moisture abnormalities in any type of building. 


thermal bypass

The thermal integrity of the building envelope and mechanical systems are reviewed to identify weaknesses and condensing surfaces.  

Thermal bypasses not only waste energy and impact comfort but can also be points where condensation occurs.  This condensation can saturate surrounding materials, lead to mold growth and even impact structural integrity.  Thermal bypass detection is an effective way to identify and reduce energy, comfort and moisture problems. 

Safety & Insurance 

Our commercial and industrial thermography services help identify overworked electrical circuits and motors prior to failure or fire.  

Annual testing can lower insurance premiums and reduce production downtime.  Process and component resiliency is increased through thermal data informed modifications to sequencing and operations.  Workplace safety is improved through reduced risk.

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